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dri_interface.h File Reference

#include <GL/internal/glcore.h>
#include <drm.h>
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struct  __DRIcontextRec
struct  __DRIdrawableRec
struct  __DRIframebufferRec
struct  __DRIinterfaceMethodsRec
struct  __DRIscreenRec
struct  __DRIversionRec


typedef void(* __DRIfuncPtr )(void)
DRI interface structures

The following structures define the interface between the GLX client side library and the DRI (direct rendering infrastructure).

typedef struct __DRIdisplayRec __DRIdisplay
typedef struct __DRIscreenRec __DRIscreen
typedef struct __DRIcontextRec __DRIcontext
typedef struct __DRIdrawableRec __DRIdrawable
typedef struct __DRIdriverRec __DRIdriver
typedef struct __DRIframebufferRec __DRIframebuffer
typedef struct __DRIversionRec __DRIversion
typedef struct
typedef unsigned long __DRIid
typedef void __DRInativeDisplay
Functions provided by the driver loader.
typedef const char *(* PFNGLXGETSCREENDRIVERPROC )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrNum)
typedef const char *(* PFNGLXGETDRIVERCONFIGPROC )(const char *driverName)
typedef void(* PFNGLXSCRENABLEEXTENSIONPROC )(void *psc, const char *name)

Functions and data provided by the driver.

typedef void *( CREATENEWSCREENFUNC )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrn, __DRIscreen *psc, const __GLcontextModes *modes, const __DRIversion *ddx_version, const __DRIversion *dri_version, const __DRIversion *drm_version, const __DRIframebuffer *frame_buffer, void *pSAREA, int fd, int internal_api_version, const __DRIinterfaceMethods *interface, __GLcontextModes **driver_modes)
CREATENEWSCREENFUNC __driCreateNewScreen_20050727
const char __driConfigOptions []

Detailed Description

This file contains all the types and functions that define the interface between a DRI driver and driver loader. Currently, the most common driver loader is the XFree86 libGL.so. However, other loaders do exist, and in the future the server-side libglx.a will also be a loader.

Kevin E. Martin <kevin@precisioninsight.com>
Ian Romanick <idr@us.ibm.com>

Definition in file dri_interface.h.

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