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__DRIinterfaceMethodsRec Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

__GLcontextModes *(* createContextModes )(unsigned count, size_t minimum_bytes_per_struct)
void(* destroyContextModes )(__GLcontextModes *modes)
__DRIfuncPtr(* getProcAddress )(const char *proc_name)
__DRIscreen *(* getScreen )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int screenNum)
Client/server protocol functions.

These functions implement the DRI client/server protocol for context and drawable operations. Platforms that do not implement the wire protocol (e.g., EGL) will implement glorified no-op functions.

GLboolean(* windowExists )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, __DRIid draw)
GLboolean(* createContext )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int screenNum, int configID, void *contextID, drm_context_t *hw_context)
GLboolean(* destroyContext )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int screenNum, __DRIid context)
GLboolean(* createDrawable )(__DRInativeDisplay *ndpy, int screen, __DRIid drawable, drm_drawable_t *hHWDrawable)
GLboolean(* destroyDrawable )(__DRInativeDisplay *ndpy, int screen, __DRIid drawable)
GLboolean(* getDrawableInfo )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrn, __DRIid draw, unsigned int *index, unsigned int *stamp, int *x, int *y, int *width, int *height, int *numClipRects, drm_clip_rect_t **pClipRects, int *backX, int *backY, int *numBackClipRects, drm_clip_rect_t **pBackClipRects)
Timing related functions.
int(* getUST )(int64_t *ust)
GLboolean(* getMSCRate )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, __DRIid drawable, int32_t *numerator, int32_t *denominator)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 139 of file dri_interface.h.

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