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__DRIdrawableRec Struct Reference

#include <dri_interface.h>

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Detailed Description

Drawable dependent methods. This structure is initialized during the __DRIscreenRec::createDrawable call. createDrawable is not called by libGL at this time. It's currently used via the dri_util.c utility code instead.

Definition at line 393 of file dri_interface.h.

Public Attributes

void(* destroyDrawable )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePrivate)
int(* frameTracking )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePrivate, GLboolean enable)
int(* getSBC )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePrivate, int64_t *sbc)
void * private
int(* queryFrameTracking )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePrivate, int64_t *sbc, int64_t *missedFrames, float *lastMissedUsage, float *usage)
unsigned swap_interval
void(* swapBuffers )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePrivate)
int64_t(* swapBuffersMSC )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePrivate, int64_t target_msc, int64_t divisor, int64_t remainder)
int(* waitForMSC )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePriv, int64_t target_msc, int64_t divisor, int64_t remainder, int64_t *msc, int64_t *sbc)
int(* waitForSBC )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, void *drawablePriv, int64_t target_sbc, int64_t *msc, int64_t *sbc)

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