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__DRIscreenRec Struct Reference

#include <dri_interface.h>

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Detailed Description

Screen dependent methods. This structure is initialized during the __DRIdisplayRec::createScreen call.

Definition at line 275 of file dri_interface.h.

Public Attributes

void *(* createNewContext )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, const __GLcontextModes *modes, int render_type, void *sharedPrivate, __DRIcontext *pctx)
void *(* createNewDrawable )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, const __GLcontextModes *modes, __DRIid draw, __DRIdrawable *pdraw, int renderType, const int *attrs)
void(* destroyScreen )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrn, void *screenPrivate)
__DRIdrawable *(* getDrawable )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, __DRIid draw, void *drawablePrivate)
int(* getMSC )(void *screenPrivate, int64_t *msc)
void * private
void * screenConfigs
void *(* allocateMemory )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrn, GLsizei size, GLfloat readfreq, GLfloat writefreq, GLfloat priority)
void(* freeMemory )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrn, GLvoid *pointer)
GLuint(* memoryOffset )(__DRInativeDisplay *dpy, int scrn, const GLvoid *pointer)

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